Why you should choose the Montessori Nursery?

infant maly

Everybody is different – that sounds like a cliche and it is so obvious that we seldom think about it. Since the begining of his/her life each child constitutes a unique being and has his/her unique development rythm.

The secrect of Maria Montessori's method is that a teacher observes a group of children and when he/she notices „sensitive phases” in a single child reinforces natural development by suggesting adequate simple exercies or games.Thus the child learns easily, with joy and doesn't experience the learning process as an unpleasant duty.

Give me the time….

Give me the time…. This is the request of our children to us - adults - to respect their individual pace of development and the right to gain independence.

How often does it happen that we - adults interrupt an activity of our child saying “ let me do it, I will do it more quickly”? We must remember that our chilid performing simple self-service activities (buttoning-up, putting on clothes, washing hands, eating) gains independence and new experience builds up his/her character.


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