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Why you should choose the Montessori Nursery?

Everybody is different – that sounds like a cliche and it is so obvious that we seldom think about it. Since the begining of his/her life each child constitutes a unique being and has his/her unique development rythm.

The secrect of Maria Montessori's method is that a teacher observes a group of children and when he/she notices „sensitive phases” in a single child reinforces natural development by suggesting adequate simple exercies or games.Thus the child learns easily, with joy and doesn't experience the learning process as an unpleasant duty.

In the nursery period (toddlers 1-3 years old) the most important „sensitive phases” are:

  • development of speech,
  • development of movement (perfecting walking and movement coordination),
  • growing need for independence and self-service.

Speech development is supported in many ways: from the most popular methods like: rythmic speech (poems, rhymes, songs),working with books, question-answer games, encouraging self expression in words to exercises in memorizing objects' names – all based on the method recommendations. A teacher does excercises individually according to child's knowledge and abilities, as well as in a group, which is very popular with children.

Perfecting movement coordination comprises eye-hand corodination exercieses, streognostic and balance improvement.

Another area that children deal with in Montessori Nursery every day is: practical day exercieses. This is a very important field of development - it comprises caring about himself/herself and the surroundings . The aim of these excercises is developing independence, self-awarness, self-confidence, and the sense of security. Children learn everyday activites like: buttoning, putting on clothes, undressing, cleaning shoes, setting and clearing tables, washing clothes and hands etc.

While working with Montessori aids there are simple rules: a child takes an aid from a place before starting the play and brings it back to the place when he/she finishes the play. Apart from an educational function the rule develops motion memory. Thanks to this whenever a child wants to play with this particular aid again, he/she will remember where to find it.

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